Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Buyer Confusion on Nancy Drew #38

37 Vintage Nancy Drew Book Set

Here is the seller's picture:

Question: Do the books have tweed or blue and orange hardcovers under the white spine dust jackets?

Answer: They are a blue "tweed" look.
This was an unnecessary question. Notice in the photo that the tops of the books can be seen. The ink on the top edge is dark blue. The books with orange silhouette endpapers have red ink on the top edge of the book.

I should mention that there is an extremely slight chance that a book with dark blue ink on the top page edges could have orange silhouette endpapers. A few such books are beginning to come to light, and I need to change my format page to mention that a few variations may exist.



This listing was for a lot of 62 Nancy Drew picture cover books.
Question: What year (years) are these Nancy Drew books?

Answer: All but approx 6 are 1959 to 1974. The other six have all capital letters in the title on the spine that I've read indicates that they were revised in the 70's. These books have copyright dates in the 1970's.
Yay! The information is getting out.

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Paula said...

Good one about the red/orange ink on top of orange silhouette books! I frequently forget that too!