Monday, December 28, 2009

Thoughts on Eclipse

I didn't write many comments about Eclipse, but here they are.

is definitely a better book than the first two books. Edward is finally somewhat likable. I say "somewhat" because I have found him repulsive from the beginning. I fail to understand why Bella wants to be with someone whose body is cold and hard. She shivers from the cold when she is near him. Now that is a turn-on. I think not.

I like Jacob better than Edward, and the author tried to put a conflict in place in which Bella had to choose between the two. Tried, because the author has made it obnoxiously obvious from the beginning of the first book that Bella is hopelessly in love with Edward and destined to be with him. Yuck.

I like it when Bella spends time with Jacob. That is the best part of the second book, and it is the best part of the third book.


Unfortunately, I had a growing sense of dread as I read this book. I felt sad because I was pretty sure I knew where the story was going. My gut feeling told me that I would not like the ending of the fourth book. I felt like I needed to prepare myself. I ended up okay with how the fourth book ended, but it still could have been a lot better. My next post will contain my thoughts on Breaking Dawn.


stratomiker said...

Bella is hopelessly in love with Edward and destined to be with him. Yuck.

********That's funny. Edward is the ultimate inaccessible male. He's dead. Isn't it interesting how popular hopeless obssessive love is?

We've come a long way since Nancy and Ned.


Hannah said...

Yes! Finally someone whose opinions of Edward equal mine! I hated Edward the first time I read through the series and now that I've read it a second time I still hate him. :-D