Sunday, December 27, 2009

Books for Sale

I have a bunch of books that I have put up for sale on eBay in lots. Most of the books are ones that I tried to sell this fall without taking a loss. At this point, I no longer care, and I have placed them up for sale at about what the postage will cost. So, I am essentially selling them for the cost of postage. I want the books to be gone. I am happy that someone has bid on three lots.


Kathleen said...


If you lower the price a bit and would consider sending them media (they are books- booklets), I'd love to have the Nancy/ Millie Wirts set- I can give them as Freebies.

Just take them off Ebay or list them on Bonanzle.


Jennifer said...

The problem with the Yellowbacks is that they contain ads, so they technically do not qualify for media mail. They are periodicals, which do not qualify for media mail. Everyone at my post office knows me, so I don't want to cut any corners.

I'm going to leave the lot as it is for now and see what happens. I have it very close to my cost, and I'm going to keep my fingers crossed.