Monday, December 8, 2008

Harriet Pyne Grove's Books

I have never read good comments about Harriet Pyne Grove and her books. The dust jackets are pretty, so I would like to collect the books. I have searched the archives of the Girls Series Group, and the only comments that I find make fun of her name or state that her books ramble. Has anyone actually read her books, and do they have any redeeming qualities? Has anyone read them and not liked them?

I have the book The Girl Scout's Problem Solved, which more correctly should be The Girl Scouts' Problem Solved, since the book appears to be about several Girl Scouts. Everybody makes errors in grammar and punctuation at times, but to do it in the title of a book? Please. Getting past that and the funny name, Harriet Pyne Grove, I have read a few pages. On page eight, I found this horrible sentence:
In spite of the girls' desire to reach Mrs. Farleigh before Cordy, all prostrated, as they thought should be brought home, the big car, which had been used to drive the two girls from the dock where the yacht landed them, was standing in front of the house.
WHAT??? I had to reread the sentence quite a few times and read past it before I fully grasped the meaning. Actually, I fully grasped the intended meaning, but I did not even then grasp how the words formed the meaning. Around half an hour later, I revisited the sentence, and I think I get it now—maybe.

Let's see if I can rewrite the sentence so that it makes a little more sense.
In spite of the girls' desire to reach Mrs. Farleigh and tell her about Cordy's accident before the man bringing Cordy home arrived with her, the girls arrived at the Farleigh home to discover that the man's vehicle had arrived first.
My version of the sentence is still rough, but at least it conveys the meaning a little better. It would help if I knew the man's name, but I do not believe it was given in the previous pages. Is this what Harriet Pyne Grove's books are like? If so, no wonder I cannot find any good comments about them.


Pat said...

Hi, I have several of the Harriet Pyne Grove books. I've read most. Like you, I was attracted to the covers. I've read three of the Betty Lee series and liked them; also I've liked the individual mystery titles. I have 6 of the Greycliff titles and have yet to read them. Too many books, not enough time. Pat

Phyl said...

I have "The Phantom Treasure." I've read it once. It was good but kind of confusing. I've tried to read it again but I couldn't get into it.

Springwillow said...

I read "The Secret of Steeple Rocks" by Harriet Pyne Grove and enjoyed it very much. It is a very sweet story with nice surroundings (the coast of Maine) and nice characters with the exception, of course, those involved in the "secret". The "secret" is a little mystery, not to be compared with a Nancy Drew mystery. I enjoyed it very much but I do enjoy many styles of writing.