Saturday, December 27, 2008

Books for Sale

I have started a bunch of auctions for series books:

—many tweed Nancy Drew w/DJs
—Nancy Drew Complete Set #1-56
—Judy Bolton #8, 27 PCs
—Judy Bolton #4, 19 w/DJs
—Judy Bolton #23 w/DJ 1st printing
—many tweed Dana Girls w/DJs
—Blythe Girls Rose's Odd Discovery w/DJ
—Ruth Fielding and Baby June w/DJ
—Peggy Lane #8 Roman Holiday
—Outdoor Girls #22 G&D w/DJ
—Kit Hunter #12 w/DJ
—Nancy Drew #8, 17 early w/DJs
—Nancy Drew #12 1st prt w/DJ
—Nancy Drew #14 1st prt w/DJ

I put free shipping on most of them in order to boost the Best Match position. Right now I have most of them as shipping to the United States only, mainly because I'm a bit leery of some things related to eBay's recent changes. If anyone outside of the U.S. is interested in an auction, I can give a quote for shipping and go back and change to whom I am willing to ship.

I prefer PayPal, but I am still willing to accept checks and money orders. I cannot mention this in the listings. EBay will begin enforcing its "PayPal only" policy in January. Sellers can accept other methods of payment so long as the buyer is the one to suggest it.

Jack, post a comment whenever you read this. I want to make sure you're around when I decide to list the hardcover post-#56 Nancy Drew books that I have. I might do something with them soon.


Jack C said...

Hey Jenn-

I'm around!


Jennifer White said...

I'm glad! I have had instances when people have expressed interest in something, and then they somehow miss knowing when I finally put it up for sale. I didn't want that to happen in this case.