Saturday, July 12, 2008

More on the Applewood Editions

It sounds like some of these Applewood edition resellers are drawing some incorrect conclusions. I refer you to this listing:

AS NEW Applewood Brass Bound Trunk Nancy Drew HTF 1st Item #350076166650

The seller states:
Because the Applewood books are now out of print, they are becoming more difficult to find, and their value is steadily increasing. Although these books profess to be only reprints of the originals, their charm and craftsmanship continue to win the hearts of Nancy Drew fans, sometimes to the chagrin of Nancy purists. I believe that there is a format to enchant and enhance every imagination.
Huh? First of all, I am about as serious of a Nancy Drew collector as one can be, but I am most certainly not a Nancy Drew purist. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I have always thought that a Nancy Drew purist was someone who only likes the original text books, #1-34. Aren't the Applewood editions the original text? Why would a purist have a problem with them?

The next level of Nancy Drew purist might be someone who only likes the original 56 hardcover books that were published by Grosset and Dunlap. I have never heard of any of these collectors having a problem with the Applewood editions. In fact, no one has a problem with them. We all like them just fine. Many of us bought the Grosset and Dunlap reprint of Old Clock from last year that has the revised text but the original Tandy art on the cover. It is a funky little collectible, and we like it.

I am a Nancy Drew collector who likes the original 56 books plus #57-175 and the Files (not as much but I like them) and who collects the library bindings. The library bindings are considered something extremely undesirable to the majority of collectors and have little value. I even like the Girl Detective books (at least the ones I have read), and most collectors seem to hate those! Therefore, I am more open-minded than many others.

To go back to the seller's comments, why would a Nancy Drew purist be "chagrined" that someone values a facsimile edition of the early Nancy Drew books? The definition of "chagrin" is "a keen feeling of mental unease, as of annoyance or embarrassment, caused by failure, disappointment, or a disconcerting event." It is not "chagrin." We just think it is stupid.

The Applewood editions were supposed to be an inexpensive way to purchase the original text, but the older books can be purchased for less. Seriously. Hey, I don't have a problem with the older books being less expensive as it allows me to purchase items for my collection. So if all of the newbie buyers want to only buy Applewoods, I can have a better shot at the rest!

I understand why people want the Applewood editions, but I stand by my comments that buyers and even some of the resellers are not using common sense and that the books are not worth quite as much as people think they are. In the past week, I just saw one reseller purchase either #20 or #21 from another reseller on eBay for about $25.00, apparently not aware that Amazon still has them for $12.21 each. That reseller would have a far greater profit potential if he or she would purchase from Amazon instead. Get a clue!

My primary problem is that sellers were stating that the books were RARE when they were just out of print and not that hard to find. This was over a year ago before the prices really spiked. Some buyers apparently think that even #20 and #21 are hard to find because of the hype about the rest of the books. There have already been instances of #20 and #21 topping $100.00, never mind that they are available elsewhere for $12.21.

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