Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Girl Scouts at Miss Allen's School

As I have continued reading the first book in the Girl Scouts Series by Edith Lavell, I have listed more names of characters:

Marjorie Wilkinson—an athletic girl, who is liked by most everyone
Ruth Henry—Marjorie's friend, who is jealous of her
Lily Andrews—Marjorie's roommate who is very rich and overweight
Jack Wilkinson—Marjorie's brother
Roger Harris—Jack's friend, who likes Doris
John Hadley—a Boy Scout, who likes Marjorie
Doris Sands—a freshman
Ethel Todd—Ruth's roommate, a sophomore and member of the sorority
Marion Guard—a sophomore and member of the sorority
Ada Mearns—a sophomore
Frances Wright—a sophomore, patrol leader
Evelyn Hopkins—a freshman
Mae Van Horn—a freshman
Anna Cane—a freshman
Edith Evans—a junior
Marion Guard—a sophomore
Miss Allen—the head of the school
Miss Phillips—the gym teacher and Girl Scouts Captain
Miss White—the Latin teacher

This isn't everyone. There are more of them! The author does not describe the physical appearance or personality of the majority of them. So far, the only characters for which I have a definite picture in my mind are Marjorie, Ruth, and Lily. The rest of them are just there in the background.

The plot of the book centers on Marjorie and Ruth. Marjorie is accepted into the exclusive school sorority when she is not even that interested. Ruth wants more than anything to become a member, but she is not accepted. Ruth is jealous and later comes up with the idea of the school forming a Girl Scout troop. The idea is approved by the faculty, and a troop is formed.

The faculty wishes to take the selection of members out of the hands of the students, so any girl who is to become a Scout must have at least an 80% in all of her classes and must be involved in athletics. Ruth is soon accepted as are several other girls.

Marjorie greatly desires to become a Scout, and she resigns from the sorority. Soon, too many girls resign from the sorority, and it is forced to disband. Marjorie studies to improve her Latin grade and feels that she has done well on her Latin test.

Unknown to Marjorie, Ruth's jealousy causes her to tamper with Marjorie's Latin test when she has the opportunity, and Marjorie's low grade prevents her from becoming a Scout. Ruth is at first glad to cause her friend to feel the way she felt when she was kept out of the sorority, but in time, Ruth's conscience makes her feel guilty.

The theme of jealous best friends is often repeated in juvenile literature. This story parallels the plot of Sweet Valley High #30, Jealous Lies. In Jealous Lies, Sandra Bacon does everything she can to keep her best friend, Jean West, out of the school sorority. Sandra is jealous of everything Jean has achieved and wants to remain a part of something that Jean cannot have.

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