Sunday, April 6, 2008

Japanese Editions of Series Books

I found a website that appears to be in Japanese (at least this is what stated when I queried it for information concerning the site). The website has information about the Japanese editions of several American series and includes scans of a few books. Since I do not read Japanese, I cannot translate any of the text, but I can view the images just fine. The pages are:
Penny Parker:

Kay Tracey:

Connie Blair:

Beverly Gray:

I have copied the scans here, mainly in case the site disappears, as web content frequently does. The three scans along the upper left are all Vicki Barr books. The three scans along the upper right are all Kay Tracey books. The scan at the lower left is a Penny Parker book. The scan at the lower right is a Beverly Gray book.

The format of this post is rather messy, as I have very little control over where Blogger will allow me to place my images.

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