Saturday, December 19, 2020

Books Purchased Today and Recently

I purchased these books locally a couple weeks ago.

The Secret of the Old Mill is the 1927A-1 printing with the mistake "soorry" inside.

Today I purchased some Nancy Drew books with dust jackets.

I also purchased quite a few tweed Nancy Drew books without dust jackets.

I purchased a Whitman book and a Three Investigators book.

Finally, I purchased Little House in the Big Woods with the Sewell illustrations and the dust jacket.  I decided to purchase it as soon as I saw the price of $10.  I was certain that the price was too low, even though I had no idea of the actual value.  I have never been interested in collecting the Little House books, even though I read them when I was young.

My book has "G-U" on the copyright page, so according to this site, it was printed in July 1945.  I looked at sold listings on eBay.  An extremely nice book and dust jacket from 1952 sold for $400.  My book isn't anywhere near that nice, so it's worth a good bit less.  I found another one from 1947 possibly in slightly better condition than mine that sold for $150, so that is probably in the ballpark of what my book is worth.  In any case, I am confident that my book is worth more than $10.

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Celia said...

I love the Little House books and would love to own the older copies one day. The illustration looks so beautiful in that photo. (I love that scene when Ma mistakes the bear of for a cow.) Maybe when the wallet gets a little fatter or I find one in the wild! Nice find!