Monday, November 9, 2020

The Dana Girls Guide Has Arrived

I received my copy of The Dana Girls Guide today.  

This guide details first and subsequent printings of all titles in the Dana Girls series.  The guide also gives some information on other formats, including international editions and library editions.

The format used matches the format in Farah's Guide and in Hardy and Hardy Investigations.  If you are familiar with either of those guides, then you will know what to expect.  I look forward to checking my books to see how many first printings I managed to find over the years when I didn't know what the actual first printing points were.

The guide does not have values, but anyone can get an idea of value by checking out eBay completed listings.  The purpose of this book is to figure out how early of a printing any given book is.

I also purchased the latest Hardy Boys guide.  I hadn't gotten around to it, so this was the perfect time to do so.

Ordering information can be found at the SynSine Press website.

If you think The Dana Girls Guide is a guide that you would want to own, don't delay getting your order in.  The guide should be available for a while, but it won't be available indefinitely.  There will come a point in the future when it will no longer be in print. 

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ADF said...

Does the Dana Girls guide have any artwork in it, like cover arts or internal arts? I'm not interested in just a list of titles.