Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The Dana Girls Guide

We have been waiting for the Dana Girls Guide for around 20 years.  Finally, it will be available in early November.  Please visit SynSine Press for ordering information.  

If you think you will ever want to have a guide to the Dana Girls series, then you need to go ahead and purchase the guide.  The guide will most likely not remain in print.  If you miss this opportunity, then you will have trouble ever finding it in the secondhand market.  Past SynSine Press publications like A Guide to Judy Bolton Country are desired by many who never had the chance to order when available, and those publications almost never come up for sale.  When they do, they are usually expensive.  Don't miss this opportunity.


Evelyn said...

Thanks for the heads up! I love the Dana Girls and just sent an email to order this!

Celia said...

Thanks for this! I love the Dana Girls and would love a guide. Ordering pronto!

Do Act Mysterious said...

Thank you so much for the announcement! I hadn't heard of the site before, so I just bought one of all of their stock.

If anyone is interested, aside from the ones listed, at this moment, they have some unbound, printed by them at home copies of:

A Guide to Judy Bolton Country

Schoolgirl Shamuses, Inc.

The Vicki Barr Encyclopedia