Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Judy Bolton #30 The Phantom Friend and #31 The Discovery at the Dragon's Mouth

In Judy Bolton #30, The Phantom Friend, Judy's new friend, Clarissa, claims that she cannot see her reflection in a mirror, so she isn't real.  Judy and her friends tour a television studio.  The girls take turns being shown briefly on one of the studio's televisions.  The screen goes to static during Clarissa's turn, and she goes into hysterics.  Later, Clarissa disappears, and Judy cannot figure out what has happened to her phantom friend.

This book is a travelogue, and I can no longer stand travelogues.  The story also makes a mystery out of nothing and is never very interesting.  I stopped reading the book halfway through.  I do not like this book.

In Judy Bolton #31, The Discovery at the Dragon's Mouth, Judy purchases a corsage made from snapdragons to match one worn by another girl.  Later, Judy is mistaken for that girl and is given a package to deliver at Yellowstone Park.  Judy and Honey decide to drive across the country to Yellowstone so that they can get the package to the proper recipient.

On page 19 at the top, Judy thinks about how Peter doesn't understand how she feels.  "He just didn't seem to realize how much she wanted to be with him and share in his work the way she used to when they worked together in the little law office in Roulsville."  This is exactly why Peter should have remained a lawyer instead of becoming an FBI agent.

This book is also a travelogue, and too much of the story is centered on the travelogue aspect.  The part where the girls drive to Yellowstone bored me.  The story improves once the girls arrive at Yellowstone.

The story is overall good, but I consider it below average for the series.

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