Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Judy Bolton #3 The Invisible Chimes and The Talking Snowman

In Judy Bolton #3, The Invisible Chimes, Judy and her friends are in a tea room when the adjoining antique shop is robbed.  The young people pursue the thieves, whose vehicle gets wrecked.  A teenage girl with the thieves was injured, and she is taken home with the Boltons.  Judy becomes very fond of the girl, who is called "Honey," but lingering suspicion remains.  Honey claims to have amnesia, but Judy wonders whether she has really forgotten her past.  As Judy works on uncovering the truth, she hopes that Honey is not deceiving everyone.

In the original text on page 18, Dr. Bolton promises "to break all speed laws."  In the revised Tempo edition, this phrase was removed.

The Tempo revision also does not have the scene with Mr. Lang in Dr. Bolton's waiting room.

This is a very good story.

Margaret Sutton began a book titled The Talking Snowman.  Margaret never finished the book, but later, author Linda Joy Singleton finished the story.  She sent the manuscript to Margaret, who made revisions.  The Talking Snowman was later published.  The story takes place between volumes 3 and 4 in the series.

In The Talking Snowman, Judy and Horace build a snowman in their front yard.  Later, the snowman speaks to them, telling them that they will find something in the clothespin factory.  Mystified, Judy and Peter decide to investigate.

Meanwhile, the Boys' High and Industrial High crowds are feuding.  The rivals have a snowball fight at the courthouse, and some boys begin throwing rocks!  Judy finds herself caught between the two sides.  Judy suspects that the feud began because of a misunderstanding.  Judy's world is then thrown into turmoil when her own mother gets injured because of the feud.

This is a very good to excellent story.  The tone is very close to the original books, so it fits in well with the set.

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