Monday, April 4, 2016

Hardy Boys Revised Text #13 Mark on the Door and #14 Hidden Harbor

The revised text of Hardy Boys #13, The Mark on the Door, parallels the original text pretty closely, even though almost the entire story was rewritten.  The boys seek Elmer Tremmer and the villains who are holding him captive in Mexico, just like in the original text.

One of the oddities of the original text is that the Hardys' guide is a Yaqui Indian who wants to be called "Yaqui."  The revised text corrects that problem by changing that character into a Mexican boy who is named Tico.  

I greatly enjoyed the revised text.  I probably enjoyed the original text slightly more, but both versions are very good.

In the revised text of Hardy Boys #14, The Hidden Harbor Mystery, Frank and Joe investigate a feud between two relatives, which is expanded from the smaller part it played in the original text.  In the revised text, the feud and the hunt for treasure is the main story. The feud is fleshed out much better in this story.

This book has some of the same great atmosphere as The Clue of the Screeching Owl, and it was written by the same author.

I really enjoyed the original text, but mainly because I enjoy crazy stories when I find them interesting.  This version of the story is actually better than the original text.  This is an excellent book and is my favorite revised text story so far.

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