Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hardy Boys #22 Flickering Torch and #23 Melted Coins

In the original text of Hardy Boys #22, The Flickering Torch Mystery, the Hardys get jobs at an experimental farm.  During their free time, Frank and Joe also investigate missing silkworms at a nearby research facility.  The boys also hope to spot clues to Fenton Hardy's case, which involves a flickering torch.

As always, all of the individual mysteries turn out to be connected.

This book has a choppy transition at the bottom of page 72.

On page 138, the reader learns that the Hardys' house "had been gutted by the flames" but the "bedrooms were intact."  So of course, the Hardys stay in the house overnight.  Why not?  The house is still standing.  However, it seems that the house would have smelled rather unpleasant.    

What I really like about this book is that nearly all the story occurs in a small locale.  The boys either walk or ride horses to get around that area.  These are always the kinds of stories that I enjoy the best.

I love that Aunt Gertrude goes with the boys and stays in the farmhouse with them. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

In the original text of Hardy Boys #23, The Melted Coins, Chet finds an old coin while digging on his property.  Chet then spends all his time digging for treasure.  Meanwhile, a counterfeiting ring is operating in Bayport, and the boys search for clues.

I had forgotten so much about the Hardy Boys series.  As I read this book, I began to recall something about Chet and his hobbies and that he has a new hobby in each book.  Chet's interest in coins in this book is the very first of Chet's many interests and hobbies.

The criminals go to a lot of trouble that is rather unnecessary.  They steal valuable coins in order to melt them down to create counterfeit coins.  The criminals should have found scrap metal to melt down instead of going after coin collections.  Besides, they could have just sold the valuable coins on the black market.

Aunt Gertrude's role is fun.

Even though the crime is stupid and the plot full of coincidence, this book is great.

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