Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Books Purchased in 2015

I completed a number of sets of books this year, and I also read most of them before the end of the year.  As always, click on each image to see a larger version.

Complete Set of Troy Nesbit/Franklin Folsom Books

Complete Set of Tom Quest Books

Complete Set of the Mill Creek Irregulars Series
Complete Set of Sandy Steele Books

Complete Set of Brad Forrest Books

Complete Set of the Secret Circle Mysteries

Partial Set of the Ted Wilford Series

Complete Set of the Bret King Series

Complete Set of the Girls of Canby Hall Series

I already owned the complete set of Biff Brewster books, but this year I upgraded all of my bare tweed books to books with dust jackets.

Complete Set of the Biff Brewster Series

I read the Rick Brant series late last year and loved them so much that I wanted to own original copies of all 24 books.  I upgraded my reprint of #23 to the original edition and purchased the original edition of #22.  I also saw a Buy It Now for #24 that was priced at the lowest anybody would probably ever be willing to ask for it.  #24 was high, certainly, but it was at the lowest one would be priced and far less than what the seller asked for his second copy after I purchased mine.  The second copy was priced at about double the price I paid and also sold quickly.

Rick Brant #22, 23, and 24

If you have always been a girls' series fan like me and don't think you would ever like Rick Brant, please try at least one book to make sure.  I never thought I would like Rick Brant and had sold all the copies I had found over the years.  I found almost a complete set in the summer of 2014 and tried the first book.  I was surprised about how much I enjoyed it.  Never assume you won't like a series without making sure first.

The following two photos show four different library editions I purchased that fall into the "scarce and unusual" category, ones that seldom come up for sale.

Nancy Drew and Dana Girls Library Editions

Nancy Drew and Dana Girls Library Editions

I found a copy of Tom Swift #33 locally.  This is the second one I have ever found.  The first one was in 1998.

Tom Swift #33

Just last week I found the Hardy Boys Twisted Claw picture cover with the Nancy Drew list on the back cover.  I also found one back in around 1999.

Hardy Boys Twisted Claw with Nancy Drew Titles

It is interesting to find two different scarce books within a few months of each other, and the last time I found a copy of either book was during the late 1990s.

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Phyl said...

I bought a complete set of Kay Tracey books on ebay from someone who was moving to a smaller home. The only other complete series I have is Donna Parker (which aren't even my favorite) as there are only 7. All of my other series are still in progress :)