Sunday, November 22, 2015

Bret King #5 Blizzard Mesa and #6 Fort Pioneer

In Bret King #5, The Mystery at Blizzard Mesa, New Mexico is having an unusually hard winter.  The Navajo are snowed in, and Bret volunteers to help with the airlift of hay and supplies to the Navajo reservation.  Meanwhile, Ace's uncle has been framed for the theft of valuable jewelry, and the boys seek clues to exonerate him.

On page 74, Bret tells a Navajo, "I don't think anything is crazy that good people sincerely believe in."  I like that quote, and it's too bad that most people don't have that kind of respect for what others believe.

This book has a lot of sabotage, which has become typical of the Bret King books.  However, the sabotage is written well and is consistently quite interesting.

This is an excellent book.  I greatly enjoyed it.

In Bret King #6, The Secret of Fort Pioneer, a movie is being filmed at Fort Pioneer and in the vicinity.  The set is being sabotaged, and one of the actors openly threatens Bret and his friends.

This book is a sabotage book that reminds me rather strongly of the modern Nancy Drew books.  It is quite similar to Nancy Drew Diaries #10, A Script for Danger.  That's not a compliment.  However, while weak, the book is much better than the Nancy Drew Diaries book.

The scenes transition way too fast from one to the next throughout this story.  In fact, the book reads like a Nancy Drew revised text book that was poorly revised.  Sadly, this choppy text is the original and only text.

A lot of the events in this book are a bit stupid.

One of the villains is so extremely obvious, since he openly threatens Bret and his friends over and over again throughout the book.  Of course, he works in the movie, just like the villain in another book I could mention.

I noted that church is mentioned in this book on page 80 and 150.  Church had not been previously mentioned in the Bret King series.  I tend to notice this since mentioning church became a staple of Grosset and Dunlap books in the middle part of the 1960s, and it's interesting that church was not mentioned in this series until the sixth title.

This book is okay but not that great.  I had to skim parts of it.

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