Saturday, September 19, 2015

Secret Circle #5 Muffled Man and #6 Clue of Dead Duck

In Secret Circle Mysteries #5, The Mystery of the Muffled Man, Chris Summerville and his friend, Dumont LePage, plan an ice-fishing trip to a nearby lake.  The boys are disappointed when Carol Fitzpatrick arrives, and they have to entertain her.  The boys are relieved when Carol turns out to be likable and willing to participate in adventure.

Several times, Carol is able to give the boys advice on what to do because she learned about it in a book.  I thought that was neat.

The book is kind of like a Blythe Girls book.  The young people get lost in the snow, and anything bad that can happen to them does happen.

This is an excellent book, and I greatly enjoyed it.

In Secret Circle Mysteries #6, The Clue of the Dead Duck, Young Ab and Morgan ditch school to go duck hunting.  During their excursion, Morgan is knocked out, and Young Ab disappears.  Morgan is the prime suspect in Young Ab's disappearance, and he must prove his innocence.

Young Ab's home is Morgan's foster home.  If Morgan cannot prove his innocence, then he will lose his home, which is the first foster home Morgan has ever liked.  The situation is desperate for Morgan, and the content is a bit dark in this book.

This book is rather emotional, so some readers might not like it as much.  It's still a good story.  The ending drags just a little bit, but it's not bad.

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