Monday, April 27, 2015

Cherry Ames Veterans' Nurse and Private Duty Nurse

In Cherry Ames #6, Cherry Ames, Veterans' Nurse, Cherry has come home from the war, which is now over.  She will now work in a military hospital to help rehabilitate men who were injured in the war.  The men have missing limbs, broken backs, or other assorted severe injuries.  Cherry also becomes acquainted with a young couple who have a son whose body will not absorb nutrients from food.  The boy is slowly wasting away.

Finally!  Cherry's war experience is over.  Apparently, many people love the three books set during World War II, but I could barely stand them.  Now, perhaps, I can resume enjoying the books.

In one scene, the people from town stare at one man who is missing a limb.  Their behavior is rude, and that struck a chord with me.  That scene is realistic, because many people do behave in that fashion.  People stare at anyone who is different without consideration for that person's feelings.

This book is much more to my liking.  While I wasn't particularly interested in many of the details about nursing, I did end up liking the men for whom Cherry nurses.  I also cared about the boy who was dying from lack of nutrition.  I was bored at moments and skimmed over some of the details about nursing, but I overall enjoyed this book.

In Cherry Ames #7, Cherry Ames, Private Duty Nurse, Cherry is hired as a personal nurse to a gifted musician.  Scott Owens has a heart condition, and the eccentric musician is easily excited.  His sister, Miss Kitty, is obsessed with psychics, and Scott feels that he must attend the seances with his sister in order to protect her from being swindled.  Invariably, the seances upset Scott, putting his health in danger.

This book is much more about mystery than nursing.  Since I'm not interested in nursing, this was a welcome change for me.  In fact, Cherry Ames spends a large portion of the book sleuthing.

I enjoyed both of these books.

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