Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Book Finds June 2014

Here are some June book finds. 

I am keeping the four Trixie Random House books.  #10 and #12 complete my set, although #10 will need to be upgraded since it is covered with clear contact paper.  #13 and #14 are upgrades to two that I found recently.

Trixie Belden Cobbett's Island from the 1970s is in better condition than mine.  Those books tend to have cracked and split hinges, and this one does not.  I selected it from among the Trixie Belden books for sale at that store because of the superior condition.

I will keep the Nancy Drew Tolling Bell with dust jacket because it is nicer than mine.

Two of the Nancy Drew book club edition PCs are upgrades:  #20 and #26.  The book club PCs from #20 and up are very hard to upgrade.

The Nancy Drew #37 PC with Carolyn Keene appearing twice on the spine is a lot better than mine, so I am keeping it.

The Three Investigators #10 paperback is one I need.

I am keeping the Rick Brant books (except for the duplicates) for now just in case.  I plan to force myself to read all of #1 to make certain I don't want to keep the Rick Brant books since this is the closest I've been to having a complete set all at once.

I also purchased these books in June.


Homeschool Mom said...

I have never seen the Mystery Activity books. What kinds of things are in them? Love all the books you found.

Jennifer White said...

They have mazes, word searches, pictures that can be colored, and other types of puzzles.

shilpi Kedia said...

Hi, I would like to buy Nancy Drew entire series for my daughter. I do not want to pay too much for them as they are not for collection. From what I understand that the books available in market today are revised versions. I would like to buy original versions. Please advise. Thanks for your help.

Jennifer White said...

It's going to be hard to get them cheap unless you spend time getting very familiar with what the original text books look like and how to figure out whether a listing contains an original text book.

If you decide to seek primarily picture cover books, this page tells you whether the books have the original text based on the cover art.

Most of the older blue books have the original text.

I suggest checking eBay for books that have the original text.

shilpi Kedia said...

Thanks for your help