Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Nancy Drew #112 through #115 with a Bunch of Sabotage

In Nancy Drew #112, Crime in the Queen's Court, Nancy, Bess, and George volunteer at an Elizabethan festival in River Heights.  Soon though, Nancy finds herself in the middle of a mystery of... sabotage!  Someone is trying to ruin the festival!

This is an enjoyable mystery, but I didn't enjoy it as much as I should have, for two reasons.  I was forced to read one of my very nice condition softcover books, so I couldn't open the book completely.  Concentrating on being careful took away from my enjoyment.  The other reason is that I am growing so tired of sabotage.

Note:  I cannot stand online listings where the seller swears the book has never been read.  Unless the seller is the original owner, the seller cannot possibly know for sure.  My copy of #112 looks like it has never been read, yet I just did.  So there.

In Nancy Drew #113, The Secret Lost at Sea, Nancy and George travel to Connecticut to investigate a case of... sabotage! Could we write about something else?  Like maybe long lost relatives?  Maybe someone could be kidnapped.  Please?  Bring Ned back.  Where is Ned?

Even though this case consists of more sabotage, at least this time the sabotage doesn't involve yet another musical or play.  I skimmed a lot of this book, but I did find it to be a decent read.

In Nancy Drew #114, The Search for the Silver Persian, Nancy searches for a missing silver Persian.  This is another case of the title telling the entire plot.  At least this isn't sabotage.  Unfortunately, I was not interested in the slightest, so I skimmed some of the book, then decided to skip to the next book.  The book just didn't grab me, and I wanted to keep going.

In Nancy Drew #115, The Suspect in the Smoke, Nancy, Bess, and George help raise money for the River Street Recreation Center to be rebuilt after it was destroyed by a fire.  We learn about recycling, fundraising, and... sabotage!  Someone doesn't want the recreation center to be rebuilt!

Ugh.  I sort of read this book, but I mostly skimmed it.  These sabotage books seem kind of forced, bland, and they feel like the same story rehashed over and over again.  Spare me.

I did make one note.  The recreation center was destroyed by a fire caused by papers that caught on fire by being stacked next to a space heater.  I find it strange that Nancy discovers that the heater was unplugged when she investigates weeks after the fire, but the police and fire departments never noticed this fact in the first place.  Why wouldn't they have noticed a detail like that?  It could be that someone unplugged the heater after the fire, but it's odd that Nancy never considers that possibility.

The Nancy Drew books improve again after #115.  The majority of the books from #107 through #115 deal with sabotage.  The stories are not bad, but whoever was responsible for deciding the plots for the Nancy Drew series was lazy during this stretch of books.  These stories should have been spread out more and interspersed with other types of plots.  Series books are by their very nature quite repetitive, and I am fine with that.  However, these books tried my patience, since each book seemed to be a repeat of the previous book with different names and a different setting.

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