Sunday, December 22, 2013

Always Watch for Water Damage

Water damage is a flaw that is often not mentioned by sellers.  I don't understand why so many of the sellers are oblivious that their books are musty and mildewed with wavy pages.  You would think that the flaws would be extremely apparent and that the sellers would mention the flaws.  Perhaps these people know so very little about books that they have no idea that we care about such things.  Even worse, some experienced sellers may choose not to reveal the water damage. 

I have learned always to be watchful for signs of water damage in sellers' photos.  This has saved me from ending up with books that are undesirable.  Recently, I saw what appeared to be very lots of Hardy Boys books with dust jackets on eBay.  Once I viewed the photos inside the listings, I realized that at least some of the books in each lot have water damage.  If even one book in each lot has water damage, then most likely all books have water damage including a musty odor.  I cannot stand books that have a musty odor and try hard to avoid acquiring those books whenever I can.

Vintage Lot of 10 The Hardy Boys Mystery Books

This lot sold for $58.00.

The books look very nice except for the following book which has water damage to the front panel of the dust jacket.

If even one book has water damage, then I have to assume that the other books do. These next two photos show that the books are not particularly clean, and I see some small water stains on the top edges of the books.

I also have to assume that the seller's other lots have water damage as well.  Anything less would be expecting too much.  Here is the second lot offered by the same seller.

Vintage Lot of 16 The Hardy Boys Mystery Story Books

This lot sold for $77.00.

As before, the gallery photo shows what appear to be beautiful books.  But wait...

Yuck.  In my opinion, this lot was not worth purchasing.  

Vintage Lot of 8 The Hardy Boys Mystery Story Books

This lot sold for $34.83.

Again, the gallery photo shows nice books, except for the one on the far right.  Perhaps the books are okay... think again.

The seller also had a Nancy Drew lot.  Would the Nancy Drew books have come from a different place and be okay?

Vintage Lot of 13 Nancy Drew Mystery Story Books

This lot sold for $36.27.

I found one book with a water stain on the cover.  This means that the Nancy Drew books are also water damaged. 

I could be wrong about this seller's lots, and possibly many of the books do not have water damage.  However, I have purchased similar lots where just a few books show signs of water damage, and I was displeased with the condition of all books in the lot.  Usually the damage extends to all of the books to at least some degree.

The final bid price for each lot was not bad.  If the buyers don't care about the moisture exposure, then they would be pleased with their purchases. 

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