Monday, August 5, 2013

Two New Series Book Groups on Facebook

Two new Facebook groups have been created in the last 24 hours.

I created this group:

Collecting Vintage Series Books

Jennifer Fisher created this group:

Nancy Drew Fans

Since many people get easily confused about the similar names, I want to take this opportunity to explain that my name is Jennifer White.  I collect series books, write in this blog, have a website called Vintage Series Books for Girls, and maintain my Jennifer's Series Books Facebook page.

This is my (Jennifer White) avatar:

Jennifer Fisher uses this avatar:

Yes, it can be confusing since both of us collect Nancy Drew books, but we are two different people! 

If you follow Jennifer Fisher on Facebook or elsewhere, you will notice that she always signs her name as Jenn.  That's not me.

At least several times per year, someone contacts me with some type of statement that tells me immediately that they think I am Jenn.  It's happened at least three times in the last two weeks, which seems to indicate that the confusion is getting worse.

Most telling is when people address me as Jenn.  I do not shorten my name and prefer to be addressed as Jennifer.  When you call me Jenn, I feel uncomfortable because I assume that you think I am someone else.  I am sure many of the people who do address me correctly also think I am someone else, but at least I am not left feeling uncomfortable. 

Don't be surprised if I begin posting periodic announcements about who I am, kind of like public service announcements.

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Jenn said...

Yes and the fact that your name is Jennifer White and I'm Jennifer Fisher should also be a big clue :) Sometimes too, people just naturally shorten people's names to nicknames, so that could also be what's happening--I know a lot of Jennifer's who go by Jenn or Jen and sign their names that way so it could be a natural inclination to shorten your name without them actually thinking you are me. Possible anyhow, maybe not likely but you never know :) Aren't you glad we made up those Mystery of the Two Jenn's flyers ;)