Thursday, July 11, 2013

Avoid Annoying Pop-Up Ads + New eBay Store

I was browsing some blogs and found a link to my site,, along with a comment that it is a good site even though it has annoying pop-ups.  The comment made me cringe, but really, I didn't put them there.  The site did not always have pop-ups, but at some point the web host added them.  I was not aware for the longest time about the pop-up ads, because I use Adblock Plus, which is a browser add-on.  It works splendidly.

I would pay more in order to make the ads disappear from my site, but unfortunately, it would raise my monthly fee by $20.  I am sure I could look around and find another web host, but I would prefer to leave the site where it is for convenience.  So, do me a favor and get a good pop-up blocker installed, and then you will never see another pop-up ad.  Please.  Just do it.

I took the plunge and opened an eBay store. 

Jennifer's Series Books on eBay

The store is a work in progress, and to be honest, I don't like it right now.  I am used to Bonanza being one way and eBay being another way.  My eBay has changed to a new interface for me because of adding a store, and it will take some time to get used to the change.  It looks completely different.

I have not added many categories.  I do have around six added, but only one is visible.  I learned that store categories are only visible when items have been placed in them.  That is a good feature.  On Bonanza, I have to delete categories after I have removed all items.

I do think that the store will be good once I have gotten everything in place the way I want.  I signed up for the monthly subscription at $19.95 per month rather than the yearly subscription at $15.95 per month.  I found out how high the cancellation fee is for cancelling the yearly subscription early, and I decided not to take that risk. 

I will give the eBay store a try for at least two or three months and then will decide whether to keep it.  The plan is to list certain books on eBay while keeping other books on Bonanza.  The vast majority of my better books will continue to be on Bonanza, so as always, I encourage you to visit.

Jennifer's Series Books on Bonanza

Remember that I have a 12% off coupon which can be applied from any item page.  The coupon is visible near the price of each item.  The coupon will apply to all items placed in the order.

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Coffeegulper said...

I don't see any pop-ups at my end, but then again, I don't come here too often and read only certain things of interest.