Friday, March 15, 2013

Young Adult Fan Art Exhibition

In February, Gallery1988 had an art show paying homage to children's and young adult literature.  Nancy Drew was a favorite subject for the artists.  Other subjects included Sweet Valley High and the Baby-Sitters Club.

Gallery1988 made limited run prints available for most of the art.  I purchased three of them, shown below.

Seen above is "Nancy Drew" by Becky Dreistadt.

Below are two versions of "Stratemeyer's Summer Girl" by Erica Williams.

The "Stratemeyer's Summer Girl" print is neat because of all of the symbolism, some of which cannot be seen in the online image.  The title of the store and the clock in the window are readily visible, as are the books in the basket.  But look closer at a photograph I took of the center of the print.

Click on the image to see a larger version.

The basket contains a magnifying glass along with the books.  "C Keene Cycles" is written on the side of the bicycle.  The front of the bicycle has the initials "ND."  Below the name of the shop is part of a blurb that ends with "repairs since 1930."

The image evokes memories of lazy childhood summer days filled with reading and fun activities.  I love it.

While I only purchased the three images shared in this blog post, I like many others.  I created a Pinterest board containing the art that seems to be at least loosely based on Nancy Drew.  Here are links to all four pages of art that is available for sale at Gallery1988.

Young Adult Gallery Page 1
Young Adult Gallery Page 2
Young Adult Gallery Page 3
Young Adult Gallery Page 4

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Nora Owsley said...

Sorry, but think the artwork is a little weird - Nancy looks like she has a misshapen shoulder and one eye is darker than the other! Ugh!