Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Post Visibility on Facebook

Ever since Facebook's IPO, post visibility for all users has decreased. This affects all Facebook users, whether you know it or not. Facebook has decided that we should pay to increase our visibility. Even if we do pay, we will not be visible to everyone.

I have noticed that in the last two weeks, far fewer of my followers on Facebook notice my posts. This is my Jennifer's Series Books Facebook page. I do get some interaction so long as I post a photo or a link. When I ask a question, I usually receive no response. It's like no one knows I've asked a question. I realize that most people do not respond to questions, but it is odd to get not even one response.

Facebook has this feature called EdgeRank which determines who sees what. EdgeRank is all about forcing people to follow a link. EdgeRank likes posts that make people go somewhere to read something. If the page owner writes great content and does not provide a link, EdgeRank does not like that and is more likely to hide the content.

I have been enlightened about this by reading the following blog posts.

FB fans aren't seeing your posts (and how to fix it)

For FB page admins: How to reclaim part of your missing audience

The second post gives links to two ways to solve this problem.

If you have liked various pages, then you want to follow the steps to How to Avoid Missing Facebook Posts. This involves setting up an "interests" box and including links to all of the pages you have liked. Doing that apparently places all of your liked pages back in your feed.

Another solution would be simply to visit the pages you have liked on a regular basis. Even that method will not work completely. Facebook now randomly hides posts while you are viewing pages. You have to click on a grayed out box that says "highlights" and then select "posts by page" in order to see everything. You have to do that every single time you visit the page.

If you have a fan page, then you can set up a feed that will post from your blog to your Facebook page. The idea is to create a link that people have to follow, which then gets people involved again on the page. I tried it earlier using my other blog, and I don't like the result. I will experiment some more, but for me, the better solution might be just to make certain that everything I post on Facebook has links in it.

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