Saturday, April 7, 2012

4/7/12 Book Finds

Central Oklahoma has three Barnes and Noble locations. I had visited the two that were closest a couple of days ago in search of the Nancy Drew bag. Only one of those two stores had the bag. Today, I checked the third store, which is farther away than the other two stores. The third store did not have the bag. This matches what others have reported. Many of the stores do not have the bag.

The trip was not wasted, since I took the opportunity to check one antique shop and two book stores.

Jill at Hazelmere is a UK children's book that remember seeing previously in that antique shop. This time, I decided to buy the book. Since purchasing books from other countries is quite expensive, I decided that this would be a good opportunity to read a book that I would not otherwise purchase. From the synopsis and first few pages, the book sounds like it might be a good story. The book is from the same publisher and set as the UK edition of Mildred Wirt Benson's book, Quarry Ghost, titled Kristie at College in the UK.

The Judy Bolton book, Double Ring, has the four glossy illustrations and is the first printing. I also found two Tom Swift, two Trixie Belden, one Hardy Boys, and one Sandy Steele book. I might decide to read the Sandy Steele book to see what I think of it.

It's always fun to come home with a few books.


Timothy O'Herin said...

I just read volume 1 of Sandy Steele and was disappointed. Too much detail about oil drilling and very little mystery. It had a great ending so I will continue reading, but my current of Hal Keen Lonesome Swamp is much better, with a haunted castle and crooks sneaking around at night!

Paula said...


Your brief comment about the BN ND tote bag is interesting. I used to work at BN, but had already left when they brought out the bag. However a friend of mine from there grabbed three of the bags for me.

I put one up for sale about a few months (possibly a year) ago and it didn't sell. I think I had an opening price of $15.00.

Based on your comment it seems that many hardcore ND collectors were/are? searching for this bag. Which leads me to wonder why it never sold. In fact, I think I also put it up for sale at one time on Bonanza. Still no dice!

Go figure!

Jennifer said...

I've found interesting how little interest there is at any given time for certain items that are perceived to be desirable.

You could list on Bonanza and just leave it indefinitely. At some point, someone would be interested.

I did eventually get some of the bags at one location. I have never decided what I want to do with them. I will probably sell them at some point (or at least try to sell them). :)