Friday, January 20, 2012

A Box of Hardy Boys Books

Today I received a box of Hardy Boys books that I purchased in an eBay Buy It Now. When I picked up the package from the porch, I felt the books shifting around inside the box. I also observed that the top of the box had been smashed down during shipment. Anytime I receive a package that might turn out to have possible damage or be interesting in some fashion, I photograph the outside of the package before opening it.

I opened the package.

Since the seller did use some bubble wrap to pad the books, I could tell that this package would not be a disaster. Unfortunately, the books were not wrapped in anything, so I was sure that at least some damage occurred, which was disappointing considering the excellent condition of the dust jackets.

In the upper left corner of the box, you can see the back cover of a random booklet that the seller enclosed, Wars End by Wing Anderson. I guess I can consider that my free gift.

By examining the seller's photos from the listing, I determined that the dust jacket for The Secret of the Caves was torn slightly during shipment. I suspect that the dust jacket of The Twisted Claw was also torn and creased during shipment, but that portion of the jacket was not shown in the seller's photo. Tiny pieces of dust jackets were found in the bottom of the box, so some flaking of the edges of the jackets did occur, but not enough to be considered significant.


Jennifer said...

Since I often get snide comments to these types of posts or receive comments from people who assume that I have too many strange transactions, I must give a short explanation.

I only photograph and write up the packages that are bad, since those are the only ones that would be of interest to others. I received two other packages today, and both were fine. The vast majority of my transactions go flawlessly and are not worth mentioning here.

stratomiker said...

Well, at least the books are nice and didn't get too damaged. It's always fun to get some good ones.