Sunday, December 11, 2011

Saturday's Estate Sale Finds

I started going to estate sales a few months ago. I don't usually find any series books and have very little expectation of finding any. My main purpose is for recreation and to find useful items for low prices.

This weekend I finally found some series books. At the first sale, which was near where I live, I found a number of Hardy Boys books with dust jackets.

I also bought two Tom Quest, a Rick Brant, and a Landmark book at the same sale.

I next decided to drive to the other side of the city to attend several estate sales that were clustered close together. I normally don't drive to that part of the city, since the trip takes too long for very little reward. The only reason I decided to make the trip was because one sale showed a ceramic Christmas tree in one of the preview photographs, shown below.

The tree looked too much like the one on the cover of the Judy Bolton book, The Secret of the Musical Tree, for me not to check it out. I ended up purchasing the tree, which is very cute. The tree measures 12 inches tall and 7 1/2 inches in diameter at the widest point.

The pictures never show the ceramic Christmas trees to be as nice as they actually are.

At another sale, I found six assorted series books.

I would not have purchased the above books if I had not decided to go after the ceramic Christmas tree.


Kelly Robinson said...

Nice haul!

stratomiker said...

Nice books! And the ceramic tree is exactly like the one my aunt, Sister Rose, made for several of the Judy Bolton fans who used to attend Judy Bolton Day in Potter County. She was a ceramist at her convent and did beautiful work. I got it set up now by the Christmas Tree.

Does yours play the right song? Sister was a Judy fan, so she made sure to get the correct song for the trees she made.

She taught primary and mid-grades in the 1950s through the 1980s. In the early years a lot of her students had series books and she read a lot of them, including the Judy Boltons. When she found out I was a fan and went to Coudersport, she wanted to come along, and did for several years. She passed away ten years ago, but the tree is wonderful memento of her craft and her love of series books.


Jennifer White said...

That is wonderful to have a tree that was made by your sister.

This tree does not have a music box attached, and most trees that I have found do not have music boxes. I did find a large ceramic tree earlier this year that plays "Silent Night." I never photographed it for this blog, and I really need to do that.

Hannah said...

I'm ever so glad that you did go get that tree because it allowed me to buy the Judy Bolton from you tonight. I'm getting SO close to finishing the series. Gotta say thank you, for sure!