Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nancy Drew Blog Party

Jennifer Fisher is having a Nancy Drew blog party all month in her Nancy Drew Sleuths blog. Each day the blog will have new posts on all things Nancy Drew. This is a rare opportunity to experience a series book blog with new posts every single day. It is difficult to maintain new blog posts even once every few days, as I well know.

By the way, I am in a position right now where I am only managing around two new blog posts per week. Part of the reason is my schedule, but also, when I am tired I tend to be less creative. This reduces my output.

I am trying to post minor comments on my Facebook page a bit more often than I post here, so be sure to follow me there.


Jenn said...

Thanks for the mention here :) And you are so right, it's hard to post daily! And I'm doing 2 right now with a Halloween party blog at my party business all month.

Last year with the 365 days of ND blog, I was having to post every day and that almost drove me crazy! I don't know what I was thinking with that one--ha ha! A month is a pretty good time frame I think, but still labor intensive when you've got a lot going on. Hope everyone enjoys it!


LuAnn Sgrecci O'Connell said...

Jennifer, not a related but somewhere you said posting a comment was the best way to reach you--do you know why the 1st Trixie Belden book in the Deluxe set (Secret of the Mansion)tends to be more scarce than the others? I thought the first book was usually the most common, like the ubiquitous ND The Secret in the Old Clock. Thanks.

Jennifer said...

I have observed that some of the deluxe editions seem to be harder to find, but I do not know the reason why. It is possible that the first Trixie Belden title in the deluxe edition might have had fewer printings, but I have no evidence with which to back that up.

In general, the first title in any series is the easiest one to find. For some series, I have found that the first title can sometimes be a little more difficult to find, but this is usually for the more obscure series that might have had a very low print run for the first title.