Friday, April 8, 2011

Nancy Drew Spanish Editions

The Nancy Drew books that were published in Spanish with dust jackets are extremely hard to find. 

Here are pictures of the dust jackets of the books that I have from Spain.

Spain - The Bungalow Mystery
Spain - The Secret of Shadow Ranch
Spain - The Secret of Red Gate Farm
The following picture is of the spines of the books from Spain.

The books from Argentina mimic the tweed editions and have endpapers that are similar to the blue multi endpapers.  Here are pictures of the dust jackets of the books that I have from Argentina.

Argentina - The Secret of the Old Clock
Argentina - The Hidden Staircase
Argentina - The Mystery at Lilac Inn
Argentina - The Clue of the Whistling Bagpipes
 I also have one Hardy Boys book from Argentina.

Argentina - The Tower Treasure

The following picture is of the back panel of the dust jacket of one of the Argentine editions.

Here are the spines of the Argentine books.

Visit Lea Fox's site for more information.

Nancy Drew books from Argentina
Nancy Drew books from Spain


Robert said...

How unusual to see the spines feature different pics of Nancy and her usual family and friends, as well as characters exclusive to those stories. Quite a difference from American editions. Thanks for posting!

keeline said...

Nice Argentine editions. The Argentine series books I have for the Hardy Boys and Bomba series were obtained because I bought cover and/or interior artwork for the Acme editions. Some examples include:

The Secret of the Old Mill (cover art)
The Ghost of Skeleton Island (7/8 interiors)
The Mystery of the Desert Giant (cover)
The Viking Symbol Mystery (cover, proof, interiors).

These illustrations are usually fairly close copies of the G&D art and it looks like your examples exhibit this characteristic as well.


Unknown said...

I love the cover art of the Argentine Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books! I am reminded somewhat of a combination of Nappi art and Varty art (Harold Hill, UK).

I'd love to get them for my collection. Something else to seek out. :-)

KeithTalent said...

Any idea about where I can find Nancy Drew books in Spanish in the US? Any lead is appreciated!

Jennifer White said...

eBay is where I have purchased mine. The seller occasionally has some.