Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nancy Drew Web Con 2 Is This Week!

The 2nd Nancy Drew Web Con is set to take place this week.  Follow the link for more information.  You still have time if you wish to register.  The cost is $10.  The web con is presented through a private blog.  Here is some information from Jennifer Fisher's website:


Former Stratemeyer Syndicate partner Nancy Axelrad, Authors Todd H. Latoski, Michael G. Cornelius, Jennifer Fisher, and Penny Warner, Poet Lisa Kwong, Jennifer White of Series-Books.com, Artist Bill Brodecky Moore, and Pamela and Spencer Tandy--grandchildren of Nancy Drew illustrator Russell H. Tandy.

The Web Con will be archived for a long time--so you can register at anytime during the year and catch up on all the submissions and commentary, but the experience will be more fun for everyone during the event as it's happening so if you want to get in on the event from the get go, be sure to register by Mar 2, 2011.

There will be daily drawings for prizes and other good stuff happening.  Don't miss out!


Paula said...

Does Mildred Benson's daughter ever take part in the Web Cons? I always forget her name - is it Peggy or Penny?

Jennifer said...

She does not, and I don't know that she has had any contact with collectors. Both last year and this year, we have gotten some stories from Nancy Axelrad about her time working with Harriet Adams. I enjoy reading her insight into the inner workings of the Stratemeyer Syndicate.

Jenn said...

Paula, No Peggy doesn't take part in anything fan related--she doesn't really want any part of it, she's very private. She doesn't exactly have a soft spot for Nancy Drew. Unfortunately!

I was able to meet with her a couple of years ago but everything had to be "off the record" that we spoke about.


Paula said...

Thanks very much for the replies! I'm sure many of Mildred's fans would be very interested, as I am, to hear stories from Peggy's perspective, but I certainly understand her desire for privacy. Perhaps she will write a book herself someday, about her life and relationship with her mother. Whatever she has to say, I think it would be fascinating!

Vanessa said...


I have a random collection of Nancy Drew books, but have 5 in particular that have the original text (25 chapters) no dust covers, printed hard covers and trying to figure out their value...can you offer any assistance?

Jennifer said...

It's going to depend upon condition, what they list to on the back cover, and which titles. Probably you have books that are worth around $5.00 to $8.00 each. If the condition is bad, then they are worth less.

Go to my Bonanza booth, scroll down the left side to Nancy Drew, then click on the original text picture cover section to see if I have any that look like yours. The ones that list to Fire Dragon on the back cover are worth more than the ones that list to later titles. If I have any that are like yours, you should be able to get an idea of value.