Monday, February 7, 2011

Grace Harlowe's Return to Overton Campus

Grace Harlowe's Return to Overton Campus was published in 1915 by Altemus.

This book was hard to get into because of the excessive reminiscing at the beginning of the book.  The first 84 pages are mainly filled with fluff from the past.  Towards the latter part of those pages, Grace fondly recalls some events from near the beginning of this book.  I was so bored.

Grace has returned to Overton College to take charge of Harlowe House.  I bet you can guess for whom Harlowe House is named.  Mrs. Gray, who has been the girls' fairy godmother since the first book, had the house built for impoverished girls so that they can live on Overton campus.

Emma Dean also returns to Overton to teach, and she lives with Grace in Harlowe House.  One of the girls in Harlowe House is a very selfish young lady named Evelyn Ward.  Evelyn ends up causing lots of trouble for Grace and seems to hate her.  Of course, Miss Ward gets redeemed near the end of the book.  Could one of these bad girls just go to prison or something?  I am so shocked that the world has any bad people, seeing as every single one of them gets redeemed in these books.

It took me three weeks to get through this book.  The only reason I finally managed to finish is because I began to skim the text.  I'm sorry to say that the excessive reminiscing seemed to run through the entire book.  The Evelyn Ward subplot, which should have been the main plot, was all that interested me.  I consider the Evelyn Ward part a subplot because the reminiscing seemed to be the main plot.  Dear me.  I yearn for some exciting Stratemeyer Syndicate books.

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