Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Latest Buying Problems

I have made some purchases in the last month in which books were missing from the packages. In the first case, I knew that I did not receive all of the books, so I went back and looked at the auction. I saw the books in the picture that were not included in the package. I read the description and figured out that those books were not listed in the description. Why, then, were they in the picture?

I did not write the seller since the books were not mentioned in the description. Additionally, the main books I wanted were the ones I received, and I got a good deal. I did check the seller's other auctions, and the four books that were in my auction's picture but not received were sold separately in another listing. Again, why were they also pictured in with the books for the auction I won?

In another transaction, I believe that I received only one of the two books. The trouble is that I am not certain, which is totally my fault. I seem to recall opening the envelope which had just the one book in it. I was busy that day and did not get around to doing anything with the book for several days. In the interim, I moved a lot of my books around, as in hundreds of them that I had to move to a different room.

Days later, I knew I had a problem when I could find only one of the two books. I have no idea whether I could have actually received both books and misplaced one of them. Since I moved a bunch of books around, there is definitely a chance that the second book is around here somewhere. On the other hand, I can only remember and find the one book. I cannot exactly contact the seller with the statement, "I think I only received one of the two books, but I could be wrong. I need you to check and see if you still have one of the books." I would look a bit stupid making that type of request.

The alternative would be to state, "I only received one of the two books. Could you check to see if you still have one of them?" The second statement would not make me look stupid, but what if I am wrong? The seller would think I was pulling a scam. I have to let it go, even though I think only one book was in the package and can find no trace of the other one.

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Jennifer said...

I looked at the feedback of the seller for which I am not certain whether I received both books. His feedback is horrible, and he calls buyers names in his responses to their complaints. One of the complaints was that not all items were in the package. He said the buyer was a "dummy" for losing the item in with the packaging materials. Hmm, I begin to be more certain that I did not receive both books.