Monday, June 29, 2009

How (not) to Collect Nancy Drew Books

While searching Google in a attempt to figure out something about the placement of a page, I ran across this article:

How to Collect Nancy Drew Books

*Sigh* Based on some of the wording, it sounds like the writer may have read my Nancy Drew guide on eBay and mangled the information. Step 2 in the list states:
Make a list of the titles and copyright years you are looking for. Carry this list with you everywhere. Books published between 1930 and 1959 will have 1930 listed as the copyright date. First editions will also have 25 chapters (books 1-34).
According to this person, all Nancy Drew books printed between 1930 and 1959 have 1930 as the copyright date regardless of which title in the series it is. Um, no.

This is what my Nancy Drew guide states:
The copyright page is the last place to look when you are trying to discover the age of a Nancy Drew book. Grosset and Dunlap very rarely made changes to the copyright page. All copies of The Secret of the Old Clock printed from 1930 through early 1959 have 1930 as the only year listed on the copyright page. From 1959 and on, The Secret of the Old Clock was printed with 1959 as the year on the copyright page.
I believe I am clear that I mean, as an example, that Old Clock has 1930 on the copyright page until 1959. The rest of the books have their corresponding original copyright dates.

I hate reading the statement, "First editions will also have 25 chapters (books 1-34)." For many people, particularly new collectors, "first edition" and "first printing" have the same meaning, the very first printing of a book. These people will think that any Nancy Drew book with 25 chapters is the very first printing. No it isn't!

The writer recommends, "Books with dust jackets are very rare. If you find one, buy it." This statement is too broad. It depends upon the age, the condition, and the price of the book. I hate reading general statements that give poor advice. There is a set of book club edition Nancy Drew books with yellow spine dust jackets for volumes 1, 2, and 3. These books and jackets can sometimes sell for above $10 each, but in general, are close to worthless.

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