Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wacky Auction Photos

I have collected a few of the crazy photos that I have seen in listings on eBay. I featured this photo a long time ago.

I never would have thought of arranging the books on top of a bush!

In the following photo, the seller placed the books in between and on top of some dishes.

Why risk breaking the dishes?

This next one is delightfully random.

The seller placed a television stand on the driveway, arranged the books, and took a couple of photos. Perhaps the seller took the photos outside for better lighting. Regardless, I am amused to see the books photographed all alone out on the driveway.

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Lauren said...

Love the photos!

I just browsed ebay books for the first time in forever and came across this listing (Jennifer, feel free to delete this comment if you don't want particular listings posted!)

and I just shook my head. $300 for a copy of Dana Girls By the Light of the Study Lamp, one of the easiest books to find AND it states that the pages are brown. Also, it uses a generic jpg of books as a gallery photo and specifically states that photos will be provided to "serious buyers only!"

Why do people do this? If you're going to put forth only the minimum of effort in your listing, don't put the maximum of prices on your item!