Thursday, April 1, 2010

More Crazy Deals for You

Many sellers feel like Beverly Gray at the World's Fair is worth $1,000. Um, no. Granted, it is a rare book... no, really it is just scarce. You can find multiple copies of World's Fair up for sale on the internet at any given time. The problem is that many of the sellers want around $1,000 for it. The two Linda Carlton books, Perilous Summer and Hollywood Flight, are truly rare books in the original A. L. Burt editions. They seldom come up for sale at any price.

One seller wanted $800 for a World's Fair that does not have a dust jacket.  Shockingly, there were no takers.  The seller relisted the book at $399.99.  Once again, shockingly, there were no takers.  Another seller tried for $229.99.  Nope.  Nobody wanted it. 

Let's take a look at the fixed-price listings from Google's shopping search. In order from highest to lowest: $1,270, $920, $900, $700 (w/DJ), $495, $475, $380 (recent reprint), $350, $350 (recent reprint), $345, and $332.45. Outrageous. They all think the book is worth hundreds because they copy each other's prices.

While scarce, the book is not worth hundreds of dollars when it does not have a dust jacket. I estimate that World's Fair is worth up to around $150 without a jacket. It is worth up to $500 with a jacket that is unblemished and unfaded. It is extremely hard to get a World's Fair jacket that is unfaded. Most jackets are faded, and the books with faded jackets are worth around $200 to $350.

Just because a book is scarce does not mean that people want to pay $1,000 for it. The book has been reprinted twice, so there are a couple hundred reprints floating around. While people who want World's Fair cannot just go out and get one, with some patience, they will be able to find one for no more than around $150.

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