Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Current Selling Strategy

Since June, my sales on Bonanza have not been that great.  Traffic to my website has been declining since February, and traffic to my Bonanza booth has been declining since April.  Curiously, traffic to this blog has continued to increase.  This blog is hosted on a platform owned by Google, which is curious indeed.

I believe that the main cause to declining traffic and declining Bonanza sales is Google's algorithm changes.  Since many of my Bonanza sales come from my website, the declining traffic to my website would in turn cause traffic to my Bonanza booth to decline.  Other factors are at play, but Google is probably the most important one.

I opened a store on eBay this summer due to the decrease in Bonanza traffic and sales.  I had books in my Bonanza booth for several years that had not sold.  I also had an ever-increasing stock of books because of all of the stock that took one or more years to sell.  The problem grew worse this summer once the only books that sold on Bonanza were Nancy Drew and Dana Girls books with an occasional sale of Judy Bolton or Trixie Belden.  In October, even my Nancy Drew and Dana Girls books had almost completely quit selling.

In June on eBay, books that had languished on Bonanza for several years sold fast.  I met my full year's top-rated seller requirement by volume and dollar amount based on my June sales alone.  The next few months slowed down somewhat, but the books continued to sell briskly.

My selling strategy since June has been to downsize.  Most lesser-known series sell very slowly, even on eBay.  I have succeeded in moving at least 150 books that had been listed on Bonanza for one or more years.  I still have a number of books that I have had for a long time, but I have made significant progress and have more free space on my shelves.

I also wish to permanently move away from selling certain types of books, including the lesser-known series books, Nancy Drew books with dust jackets, Nancy Drew #1-38 in first printing books, and any book with pulp paper.  These types of books are the main ones I am trying to move out as quickly as I can.

The lesser-known series, such as Ruth Fielding and the Outdoor Girls, are not widely collected and are difficult to sell.  Furthermore, their value continues to decrease as more and more of them enter the public domain and become easy to acquire in free electronic files.  I wish to avoid selling these books, except for the occasional book that I come across.

Nancy Drew books with dust jackets and first printing Nancy Drew books for #1-38 are problematic for me, due to difficult buyers.  Nearly every single time I have had a difficult buyer or had someone leave me a low DSR on eBay, a Nancy Drew book with dust jacket or a first printing of Nancy Drew #1-38 had been purchased.  Additionally, Nancy Drew books with dust jackets have fallen greatly in value, and I find it extremely difficult to sell them.

The people who buy to resell who are problematic buyers are people who deal in Nancy Drew books with dust jackets or first printings of Nancy Drew #1-38.  Please understand that not everyone who deals in these books is a problematic buyer.  Most of them are fine.  It's just that I have had problems with several people who fall into this category, so I no longer wish to sell these types of books.

I have decided to remove most books with pulp paper from my collection, and likewise, I have made it of primary importance to get those books removed from my online inventory as quickly as possible by reducing the prices significantly.  The books with pulp paper are deteriorating as the years pass.  They are in worse shape than when I began collecting.  I see how fragile many books from 100 years ago are, even for books that do not have pulp paper.  I do not believe that most books with pulp paper from the World War II era will make it to 100 years of age, and I wish not to own those books by the time that they completely fall apart.

I plan to continue to maintain my Bonanza booth, scaled down to primarily Nancy Drew, Dana Girls, and Trixie Belden books.  I will also continue to work towards downsizing most other series, so all of them are listed on eBay.

I hope that traffic and sales will pick up again eventually on Bonanza.  October was my worst month on Bonanza in nearly five years.  November was better than October, and I already have more sales in December than I had in the entire month of November.  I hope this is a sign that traffic and sales are picking up again and that perhaps we are past the worst of the fallout of Google's algorithm changes. 

I will also continue to list books on eBay, but I list different books on eBay than what I list on Bonanza.  Sometimes the books on eBay might be the same title, format, and series as on Bonanza, but they are different copies of the books.  I do this so as not to damage the integrity of my Bonanza booth, but also so that I do not risk selling a book twice at the same time.

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