Sunday, March 24, 2013

Books for Sale and Other Stuff

I just listed a bunch of Nancy Drew picture cover editions on eBay.  These listings serve two purposes.  I need to maintain my top-rated seller status, and these are books for which I have more extras than other titles.  The prices are lower than my Bonanza prices, partly to move the books and partly due to condition issues.

During the last week, I listed a large number of books in my Jennifer's Series Books booth on Bonanza.

Tomorrow commences the final two months of the school year, and this is the stretch that is the most emotionally exhausting.  For that reason, I will most likely not be listing very many books for sale in the next two months.

I will continue to maintain this blog, but expect the blog to be on a strict every-four-days posting schedule for most of the next two months.  I strive to publish quality content on a regular basis, but when I am busy and exhausted, I can do no more than one to two good posts per week.  Good blog posts take a minimum of one hour and can take several hours to create.

I will also maintain my Facebook page, and the good news is that Facebook requires much less effort.  I do post more often on Facebook than here, although not always every day.  Furthermore, I do post information on Facebook that may never get mentioned here.

Since this post consists of miscellaneous content, I figure that now is a good time to remind all of you that my name is Jennifer White.  A good many of you apparently believe that my name is Jennifer Fisher, but she is a different person.  Allow me to explain.

Jennifer Fisher is President of the Nancy Drew Sleuths organization and discussion group, and she created the Nancy Drew Sleuth Unofficial Website.  Jennifer Fisher also has a blog, Nancy Drew Sleuth.  Jennifer Fisher sells official Nancy Drew merchandise through her Cafe Press shop and at her website in her Sleuth Shop.  Jennifer Fisher's Sleuth Shop also has vintage books for sale.  Jennifer Fisher publishes The Sleuth, which is an awesome periodical to which you should consider subscribing.

I, Jennifer White, maintain this blog, Series Books for Girls.  I have a website, Vintage Series Books for Girls.  I have another blog, Jennifer's Series Books.  I sell my books on Bonanza at Jennifer's Series Books.

I can understand why the shared first name is confusing, but you can tell us apart by noticing that I do not use the Nancy Drew Sleuths logo.  I sign my name as Jennifer.  Jennifer Fisher uses the Nancy Drew Sleuths logo and signs her name as Jenn.

Two different people, both named Jennifer, who like Nancy Drew.

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Jenn said...

We created this flyer to help distinguish between us and mail it out to people who purchase from us. We do get mistaken for each other a lotsince our names are the same (first) and we have similar interests--maybe we need to meet up in person together at an event to prove we are 2 different people! I'd love to meet you though sometime, so maybe a future convention? We'll be in TX in 2016, so a bit closer to you and maybe drivable distance.