Wednesday, December 12, 2012

November 2012 Sales on Bonanza + eBay Update

This is how many books I sold during November on Bonanza in my Jennifer's Series Books booth.

Nancy Drew - 28
Beverly Gray - 6
Dana Girls - 3
Vicki Barr - 2
Connie Blair -1
Whitman - 1

November was one of the slowest months I have had in the nearly four years I have been on Bonanza.  October was one of my best months, and I have noticed that whenever I have an extremely good month that the very next month is usually a bit slow.  This is likely because a disproportionate number of sales occurred in October instead of getting spread more evenly across October and November.

Another reason for slower sales on Bonanza is because I focused exclusively on eBay during November.  If I had not focused my efforts on eBay, I would have listed many books on Bonanza.  If I had listed books on Bonanza, I would have sold more items.  Many of my books sell within 24 to 48 hours of when they are listed since many buyers receive new item notifications for my booth.

I focused on eBay during November in order to salvage my top-rated seller status.  I needed to sell enough items on eBay to maintain the necessary 100 items sold during the last year.  I was right at 100 items at the beginning of November with many items about to roll off on November 20.  I also knew that an additional 21 items were going to roll off in January.  I needed to sell a lot of items fast.

I listed dozens of Nancy Drew picture cover books at low opening bid prices with low Buy It Now prices.  I chose books that I would normally have placed in a bulk lot.  My bulk lots typically consist of books for which I have too many extras or books which are in slightly worse condition than the ones I list on Bonanza.  I selected several dozen of those types of Nancy Drew books and listed them on eBay.  I also temporarily removed a couple dozen books from my Bonanza booth and listed them on eBay.

I have sold 49 items on eBay in the last 60 days, and 12 of my current listings have bids.  I have very successfully saved my top-rated seller status, and I will not have to worry again until at least May 2013.  I need to make certain I act before May in order to avoid being in the same position once again.

Since my top-rated seller status is now safe, I can refocus my efforts on Bonanza.  Look for many items to be listed on Bonanza sometime between now and the end of December.

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