Thursday, November 8, 2012

October 2012 Sales on Bonanza

This is the number of books I sold by series during October in my Jennifer's Series Books booth on Bonanza.

Nancy Drew - 75
Dana Girls - 15
Judy Bolton - 11
Beverly Gray - 7
Trixie Belden - 3
Vicki Barr - 2

I sold a total of 113 books.  During any of my best months, I typically sell around 90 to 110 books, and October was definitely one of my best months.  I paid the second-highest amount in monthly fees that I have ever paid Bonanza.

The buyers used the following payment processors.

PayPal - 21
Amazon - 10
Google - 1

PayPal continues to be the most popular, but Amazon is quite strong.  Google is used by very few people.

I mentioned in my last post about how I have significantly increased my digital footprint within the series book community during the last four years.  During the last month, I noticed a staggering number of sales were attributed to direct traffic outside of Google search, my widgets, my blog, or my website.  People are coming directly to my booth via a bookmark or by typing in the link rather than using some other method.  A few Google searches were made by using my booth name.  People are coming to me to buy books, and I no longer need to do any extra work to make that happen.

If I keep doing what I am doing, then people should continue to find me.  I make an effort to post to this blog at least twice per week regardless of how busy I am.  I also try to post at least once per day to my Facebook page to keep the content fresh.  By maintaining a regular level of communication, I keep up interest in my page and this blog, and that continues to bring traffic to my booth.

I do recommend that you follow my Facebook page if you have not already done so.  Some content that is published on my Facebook page is never published here in this blog.

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Anonymous said...

That's is wonderful that your hardwork has paid off! I have your booth bookmarked in my favorites so I just click on from there when I want to buy something.