Thursday, October 18, 2012

September 2012 Sales on Bonanza

This is how many books I sold by series in my Jennifer's Series Books booth on Bonanza.

Nancy Drew - 17
Judy Bolton - 15
Trixie Belden - 7
Dana Girls - 6
Hardy Boys - 4
Cherry Ames - 2
Connie Blair - 2
Peggy Lane - 1
Three Investigators - 1

I decided not to tally how many books I sold by price.

September was a slow month overall, but I appreciated this since I was unusually busy.

I did have exactly one sale attributed to Google's product search, and this was the first one in at least two months.  Google has now switched the product search to a model in which sellers must pay for inclusion.

In the last few days, Bonanza has placed a notice in My Bonanza informing sellers that they will need to decide whether they wish to be included in product search.  If sellers indicate that they want to be in product search, then any listings that sell as a result of product search will incur a 9% fee instead of the usual 3.5% fee.   This is because Bonanza must pay for inclusion in product search.

I decided to opt-out, since I seldom have sales through product search.  As of right now, my listings still show in product search, but that should change within the next few days.  I do not expect to see any change in traffic or sales, but should any changes occur, I can still opt-in at a later time.

I also have chosen to opt-out because I see no reason to have Bonanza spend money to have me listed in product search when my items will most likely not sell through product search.  For sellers who opt-in, Bonanza will have to pay to have their items included.  If I understand how this works correctly, then Bonanza will be paying for inclusion for items that end up not selling through product search.  If the items sell through other methods, then Bonanza will have spent money promoting those items and will never get the fees back.  Only if the items actually sell through product search will Bonanza charge the fees to the seller.

By opting not to have my items listed, I am most likely helping Bonanza since Bonanza will not have to pay to have my items listed.  I see no reason to have Bonanza pay for my inclusion in a search that series book buyers seldom use.

In conclusion, I want to make certain that everyone understands that the product search issue is only an issue because Google has changed to a paid model.  This is not Bonanza's doing, and some members have completely misunderstood that fact.  Bonanza has to pay for inclusion because Google changed the rules.  As a result, Bonanza is giving sellers the option to decide whether they wish to volunteer to have higher fees assessed in order to have their items listed in product search.

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