Thursday, September 6, 2012

August 2012 Sales on Bonanza

This is how many books I sold by series in my Jennifer's Series Books booth on Bonanza during the month of August.

Nancy Drew - 72
Trixie Belden - 14
Judy Bolton - 12
Dana Girls -8
Vicki Barr - 3
Sally Baxter - 2
Beverly Gray - 1
Cherry Ames - 1
Hardy Boys - 1
Mary Jane - 1
Mildred Wirt - 1
Three Investigators - 1

This is what sold by dollar amount.

up to $4.99 - 37
$5-$9.99 - 50
$10-$14.99 - 5
$15-$19.99 - 7
$20-$24.99 - 5
$25-$29.99 - 4
$34.99 - 3
$39.99 - 1
$49.99 -2
$79.99 - 1
$89.99 - 2

This is how many transactions I had by payment processor.

PayPal - 23
Amazon - 11
Google -1

I took a screen cap of my sales sources, and I have highlighted the ones that are of the most interest to me as Google transitions its product search to a paid model.

" (organic)" is the Google search which will remain free for sellers.  "" could be any type of Google search.  Normally, product search is listed if it is the actual source.  Sometimes the true source can be masked, and a possibility exists that "" could refers to sales made through the product search.

"Direct visit" consists of sales that are made from people who are already on the Bonanza site.  Most of those people are repeat customers who have the site bookmarked or are people who came in off of one of my widgets.  Each widget is a piece of Bonanza, which is why widget traffic is considered direct traffic.  It is also possible that some of the direct traffic could be from people who found my item through Google, either by the organic or product search, bookmarked the item, and returned hours later in another browser session.  If that occurred, then some of the direct visits could be from product search.

The same is true for the traffic attributed to  Some of that traffic is repeat customers or people coming in through a widget.  But some of that traffic could be from Google in the same manner as described above.

My plan at this time is to allow all of my listings to expire from product search as Google changes to a paid model.  I will then know to what extent I do receive sales from product search.  Since at least one of you is planning to pay for inclusion, we should have a good idea in a few months as to how important product search truly is.

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