Tuesday, August 21, 2012

July 2012 Sales on Bonanza

This is how many books I sold by series in my Jennifer's Series Books booth on Bonanza during the month of July.

Nancy Drew - 52
Trixie Belden - 15
Dana Girls - 9
Hardy Boys - 7
Kay Tracey -3
Nancy Pembroke - 2
Three Investigators - 2
Betty Wales - 1
Beverly Gray - 1
Happy Hollisters -1 
Helen Grant - 1
Judy Bolton - 1
Meadow-Brook Girls - 1
Shirley Flight - 1

This is what sold by dollar amount.

up to $4.99 - 37
$5-$9.99 - 30
$10-$14.99 -14
$15-$19.99 - 3
$20-$24.99 - 2
$25-$29.99 - 4
$30-$34.99 - 4
$49.99 -2
$89.99 - 1

This is how many transactions I had by payment processor.

PayPal - 22
Amazon - 14
Google -3

My Amazon transactions dropped, and this was likely caused by a problem in which the screen was hanging while the buyer attempted to make payment. The problem appears to have been fixed.

I took a screen capture of my sales sources for the last two months, for the period from June 15 to August 15.  Click on the image to see a larger version.

As always, most of my sales that come from outside Bonanza come through my website and blog.  A large number of the direct visit sales are also from the same sources via my widgets.

I have had a slight upturn in the number of sales that have come through Google's organic search.  These are the search terms used.

bonanza books
nancy drew #26
nancy drew applewood quest for the missing map
trixie belden the sasquatch mystery
bruguera nancy drew
applewood editions 1930s of Nancy Drew
trixie belden the hudson river mystery
jennifer's series books

My Google sales almost always come through Google's organic search rather than from its product search.  I am glad for that, since Google's product search is currently in a period of upheaval.  Google is in the process of changing its product search to a "pay only" model in which merchants must pay for their listings to appear.

Bonanza management has stated that they will be paying for listings to show in the product search and are working on ways for sellers to maintain their exposure in the product search.  It occurs to me that people who list on sites which do pay Google for the exposure might end up with more exposure in the future than what they previously have had in the past, since not all sites will be paying Google.  This could end up working out well.


Paula said...

Jennifer, we - meaning someone selling on Bonanza - used to show up on the first page in Google search. Just now I did a search for "vintage Nancy Drew books" and ebay and etsy rule the day! I had to go to the third page to see a Bonanza item and, although that seller advertised the books as vintage, they were glossy flashlight editions. You know how many Nancy Drew items we have on Bonanza: how do ebay and etsy items show up in great numbers before even one Bonanza item? In April and May, I was getting lots of views and some sales - now everything is dead! I also noticed when I look at one of my own items, the item view count is counting it, even though it's not supposed to. It didn't used to do this. So my total views are *down*, even though they are now artificially being *inflated* by me looking at my own items. Something has changed and I don't think it is good for Bonanza sellers whatever it is. It is frustrating - just when you think Bonanza is catching on and things are improving, some adversity occurs that throws you back to square one.

Jennifer said...

Google has totally overhauled its algorithm this year, and somehow, it must now be favoring eBay and Etsy. It is frustrating.

I need to do some thorough checking of where my items rank. I haven't done that in around a year due to various distractions. I also need to once again utilize my Jennifer's Series Books blog, because I get a decent amount of traffic from it from old links that probably go to items that are now sold.

What I could do is add some posts to it and link to items that are up for sale in yours and other people's booths. I'm not promising to get to it quickly, but I will place it on my list of things I need to do sometime in the near future. Some links placed in that blog would help with the Google ranking, which is what we all need.

Paula said...

Oh my goodness, that is so kind of you to suggest that - I never would expect you to do that! I was just venting. I actually love Etsy for it's artsy, homemade / handmade items, but I'm envious that Etsy has figured out how to make Google work for their sellers, while Bonanza is still struggling with that. Ebay is huge, so you might expect them to have more "pull" and priority in the search results, but I consider Etsy to be on par with Bonanza. So the question is: what is Etsy doing that Bonanza is not? I don't believe it is anything that individual Etsy sellers are doing -it's how Etsy is positioning them so that they can be successful. Having said that though, I don't see Etsy as the place for vintage books - Bonanza is a much better fit, if we could only get the exposure!

I also wanted to clarify that I was talking about Google product search that is overrun with ebay and etsy items. In the general Google search, there is more variety because it is, in general, returning websites rather than items for sale. (Your blog and website are page 1 and you a probably driving more business to Bonanza than Google is.) Even so, again, ebay and etsy are near the top of the first page while Bonanza doesn't show up until the third page. Bonanza shows up with an item page (Yay, Chris! CAL's Bookinn item!) rather than a search page, which is what ebay and etsy returns. Big difference! If you click on the ebay or etsy link, you get a search page which returns hundreds of items for sale. The Bonanza link takes you to the one item page that happened to make the cut somehow, and it was a sold item at that! Now if you were looking for vintage Nancy Drew books, and these were the results you found on Google, where would spend your time looking? I just don't buy it that ebay and etsy sellers are better at promoting their items than we are, and that's why they are showing up in Google search results. Bonanza makes money when we sell items and I think they need to get more exposure for all their sellers in order to survive.

Jennifer said...

Google is changing the product search to "pay only," and I have heard that eBay has already paid up. Etsy might have done the same, so that could very well be why they are receiving preferential treatment.

I am not totally sure to what extent Bonanza will be paying for inclusion. It may only be for people who agree to pay Bonanza a higher commission. The details have not been made clear (at least I am still a little confused). Bonanza did just publish a blog mentioning some of their plans. You can read it here.

When Google switches to paid only on the product search, most of the items will be purged from the search results. This does not affect the regular Google search, which is free.

Paula said...

Jennifer, Thanks for the Bonanza link. Wow! Amazing timing! ***Very*** interesting. I applaud Bonanza for this effort. I do have more comments and think it would be great to discuss this on your blog. Could you do a new post about this topic so that it gets more attention and we could discuss it here from our "vintage book" selling perspective? I don't have internet access at home right now due to hurricane Isaac, but will write more comments here when I do. Thank you!

Jennifer said...

I will write a post. At first, I was not going to, but I now fully (or close to fully) understand the new feature and do have some thoughts which should help explain the situation.

I thought of you as the hurricane made landfall and was hoping that you were far enough away from the coast to avoid having significant damage.