Thursday, July 19, 2012

June Sales on Bonanza

In June, not only did I have fewer transactions, but most transactions were for only one to three books.

This is how many books I sold by series.

Nancy Drew - 16
Dana Girls - 13
Hardy Boys - 9
Beverly Gray - 2
Judy Bolton - 2
Connie Blair - 1
Tom Swift - 1
Trixie Belden - 1
Vicki Barr - 1

This is what sold by dollar amount.

up to $4.99 - 14
$5-$9.99 - 18
$10-$14.99 - 8
$15-$19.99 - 1
$20-$24.99 - 2
$25-$29.99 - 1
$49.99 -1
$134.95 - 1

This is how many transactions I had by payment processor.

PayPal - 8
Amazon - 11
Google - 2

I don't have any particular observations to make but hopefully this data is of at least some interest.


Nancy Drew said...

I have thought of selling on bonanza before, and am curious if you see slower sales in the summer overall? Did you find last summer to be about the same in sales or higher or lower? Hope I am not being nosy.adapsat 62

Jennifer said...

Usually, I do not see overall slower sales in June and July. I have at least a few months every year that are slower than the other months, but there is no consistency as to when that occurs.

June 2012 has been my worst month in 2012. In 2011, my worst month was August, followed by February. In 2010, my worst month was November, although that had more to do with Bonanza's name change from Bonanzle to Bonanza. The summer months were about the same as other months in 2010 and 2011.

I'm not sure how the current month will end up. My 20% off sale has bought me several sales this week, making July not that bad to this point. If I get no more sales this month, then July will be slow. If I do get more sales, then July will be better than June was.

Most of my Bonanza sales come through this blog or my website. My sales are overall pretty steady due to the traffic that I create for myself. If you have a Facebook page or blog or something to help drive traffic, then you can have some success selling on Bonanza. If you don't have a Facebook page, creating one is very easy, and I have fun with mine.