Thursday, June 7, 2012

May 2012 Sales on Bonanza

By series, this is how many books I sold in May in my Jennifer's Series Books booth on Bonanza.

Nancy Drew - 50
Dana Girls - 15
Trixie Belden - 12
Judy Bolton - 7
Hardy Boys - 6
Happy Hollisters - 2
Marjorie Series - 2
Beverly Gray - 1
Connie Blair - 1
Girl Scout Handbook - 1
Ken Holt - 1
Vicki Barr - 1

Here is what sold by price.

up to $4.99 - 27
$5-$9.99 - 43
$10-$14.99 - 8
$15-$19.99 - 6
$20-$24.99 - 7
$25-$29.99 - 2
$34.99 - 1
$39.99 - 1
$49.99 - 3
$59.99 - 1

This is the distribution by payment processor.

PayPal - 19
Checkout by Amazon - 10
Google Checkout - 0

As always, most of my sales are attributed to people following links from pages on my website, including the widgets.

I also had sales attributed to the following search terms used in search engines.

bonanaza books
how girls can help their country handbook for girl scouts
jennifer's series books
trixie belden black jacket mystery deluxe
bonanaza books .com

This is my booth traffic over the last 3 1/2 years.

The name change from Bonanzle to Bonanza had a significant effect on my traffic. The traffic rebounded but has been much more unstable since that time.

Earlier this year, Google drastically changed its algorithm, and that has also affected traffic. However, when I view my Google traffic over the last three years, the algorithm change seems to have had no impact on me in either direction.

The Google traffic was impacted heavily for the first eight months after the name change from Bonanzle to Bonanza. After that point, the traffic stabilized for the most part. Most people rely on Google for traffic to their Bonanza booths, but the key to my success has been my website,

I noticed the surge in traffic attributed to my website near the end of 2010. I cannot remember what I did, but I checked old blog posts. I found this one in which I mentioned my first-ever coupon discount. It had to have been around that time that I added the direct link to my Bonanza booth to the top of the main page of my website. I also know that at some point in time that I added other links elsewhere. Clearly, those links have helped my booth traffic.

Since my Bonanza success has much to do with my website and blogs, I decided to see what my traffic has been to each of those. This is the traffic to from all sources, going back to 2008.

The traffic is slowly increasing.

Here is the traffic to this blog, going back to 2008.

This also looks good, although the recent Google algorithm change might have negatively impacted traffic to this blog. More importantly, my blog posts have been quite sporadic during recent months. I have probably lost some readers due to the irregular spacing of my posts. My teaching assignment this past year took a heavy toll on me, and I was too exhausted mentally to write more often. Fortunately, the effect on the traffic to this blog was not too great.

I also have a Jennifer's Series Books blog which was created two years ago in order to drive traffic to my booth. If you follow the link, you will notice that I abandoned that blog once the school year began.

Shockingly, the traffic did not take a hit in spite of my total inattention to that blog. The recent Google algorithm change may have helped that blog out, and that blog is full of links to my Bonanza booth.

In conclusion, I can now count on at least 20 transactions per month on Bonanza, often between 30 and 40. I consistently sell at least 100 books per month. I no longer have to constantly think up ways to promote my booth. The framework is in place, and I now have to maintain it.

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