Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Third Anniversary on Bonanza

I opened my Bonanza booth, Jennifer's Series Books, three years ago today.

The first eight items listed in my booth.

My strategy has changed in the last three years. In early 2009, I pushed really hard to get people to come visit Bonanza (then Bonanzle). I had this feeling in the back of my mind that most of you thought I was crazy, pushing an unknown alternative site. I had no choice, since eBay was not working at all for me at that time. I pretty much took a stab in the dark and chose a site based on which one seemed to be the most aesthetically pleasing.

I managed to get a few of you to join and list some books. A few people bought books. Once I placed widgets here and on my website, traffic really began picking up. Now, three years later, I am not interested in trying to convince people to come to Bonanza. They will either come, or they will not.

I seem to have fairly consistent sales, regardless. My strategy now is to keep doing what I am doing. I have this blog, which was created in 2006 solely as a means for people to contact me. At that time, I barely understand what a blog was or why someone would want one. Next, I begin posting a few thoughts about eBay auctions and various books during 2007. I became more comfortable with the blog as time passed (putting thoughts out in cyberspace scared me at first), and my output increased during 2008.

I created my Facebook page awhile back, just because people who have storefronts are supposed to have Facebook pages in order to spam about what they sell. I then figured out that the Facebook page should be approached the same way as I do this blog. I should just post interesting information and interact with other people about shared interests. Once I changed my approach, I began to gain more followers rapidly and without having to beg people to follow me.

I have my Facebook page linked to Twitter, so whenever I post on Facebook, the same information goes to Twitter. I have decided that Twitter is pretty much useless for someone like me, but by having my Facebook posts sent to Twitter, perhaps something might happen. At least it keeps my Twitter account active without any effort.

I am going to continue to list on eBay to some degree, depending upon how busy I am. I still have my eyes on a top-rated seller account, and perhaps in a few more months, I might qualify. Of course, with my past luck, the day I qualify, someone will decide to leave me low DSRs "just because." Whatever happens, I will continue to list the bulk of my books on Bonanza. Even if someone tries to destroy me on eBay, they won't be able to hurt me on Bonanza.

I compiled my transactions per month over the last three years on Bonanza. Looking at the list, the data pretty much means nothing. Since I spent at least 20 minutes compiling it, I'm certainly going to include the data in this post.

Jan 2009 - 6
Jan 2010 - 31
Jan 2011 - 24

Feb 2009 - 6
Feb 2010 - 31
Feb 2011 - 17

Mar 2009 - 8
Mar 2010 - 28
Mar 2011 - 22

Apr 2009 - 7
Apr 2010 - 28
Apr 2011 - 18

May 2009 - 16
May 2010 - 34
May 2011 - 21

Jun 2009 - 14
Jun 2010 - 33
Jun 2011 - 30

Jul 2009 - 27
Jul 2010 - 24
Jul 2011 - 30

Aug 2009 - 32
Aug 2010 - 34
Aug 2011 - 14

Sep 2009 - 15
Sep 2010 - 18
Sep 2011 - 24

Oct 2009 - 35
Oct 2010 - 12
Oct 2011 - 28

Nov 2009 - 22
Nov 2010 - 20
Nov 2011 - 44

Dec 2009 - 30
Dec 2010 - 19
Dec 2011 - 26

Most transactions represent multiple items sold. I have sold 2,899 items on Bonanza in the last three years.

Here is where I list what I sold by series in December. I always think this is the most interesting part, because it gives an idea of which series books are the most popular. Not that we already didn't know...

Nancy Drew - 23
Trixie Belden - 17
Judy Bolton - 10
Dana Girls - 9
Hardy Boys - 3
Beverly Gray - 1
Edith Lavell - 1
Vicki Barr - 1

I sold a total of 65 books. I also sold a bunch of issues of series book publications, but I decided not to include those in my list, since that would have skewed the data.

Here is what I sold in December by dollar amount.

up to $4.99 - 11
$5-$9.99 - 25
$10-$14.99 - 10
$15-$19.99 - 4
$20-$24.99 - 6
$25-$29.99 - 2
$34.99 - 2
$39.99 - 1
$49.99 - 2
$59.99 - 1
$64.99 - 1

Most of my Bonanza sales continue to come from my website and blogs, with a few scattered sales from Google. Since my sales mainly come from my website and blogs, I no longer feel the need to try to convince people to come to Bonanza. As already stated, they will either come, or they will not.

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