Monday, November 7, 2011

October 2011 Sales on Bonanza

I sold 90 books in 28 transactions in my Jennifer's Series Books booth on Bonanza. This is what I sold by series.

Nancy Drew - 70
Dana Girls - 11
Judy Bolton - 4
Trixie Belden - 3
Vicki Barr - 1
Hardy Boys - 1

As always, Nancy Drew is my biggest seller.

This is what I sold by price.

up to $4.99 - 30
$5.00 to $9.99 - 42
$10.00 to $14.99 - 10
$15.00 to $19.99 - 4
$20.00 to $24.99 - 2
$34.99 - 1
$39.99 - 1

As usual, the less expensive books are the ones that sell the best. What is so great about having an established presence on Bonanza is that I am able to sell the inexpensive books that I sold on eBay in the late 1990s. I can no longer sell those books on eBay due to the high fees.

Here are my sales stats for October.

The list of items sold does not match up with the number of items that I actually sold during October. The sales stats go back just 30 days, and I captured the data on October 31. I sold 19 items on October 1, so those items are not included in the screen capture.

Someone recently asked in the Bonanza forums about whether anyone's sales had increased due to offering payment methods other than PayPal. My overall sales have remained steady for months, so I cannot tell. However, I decided to compare the payment methods for my sales for now and one year ago.

I compared August, September, and October 2010 to August, September, and October 2011. Here is the breakdown by payment method.

August 2010

PayPal - 24
Google Checkout - 8
Checkout by Amazon - not offered
money order - 2

September 2010

PayPal - 13
Google Checkout - 5
Checkout by Amazon - not offered

October 2010

PayPal - 6
Google Checkout - 5
Checkout by Amazon - not offered

August 2011

PayPal - 7
Google Checkout - 4
Checkout by Amazon - 3

September 2011

PayPal - 17
Google Checkout - 3
Checkout by Amazon - 5

October 2011

PayPal - 14
Google Checkout - 3
Checkout by Amazon - 10
money order - 1

This sample includes 63 transactions for 2010 and 67 transactions for 2011. The breakdown by percent for the payment providers is as follows.


PayPal - 68%
Google Checkout - 29%
Checkout by Amazon - not offered
money order - 3%


PayPal - 57%
Google Checkout - 15%
Checkout by Amazon - 27%
money order - 1%

Offering Checkout by Amazon has reduced the number of transactions processed through both PayPal and Google Checkout. The effect on Google Checkout is more profound, with a reduction of nearly 50%. I do not know whether offering Checkout by Amazon has increased my sales, but offering other payment methods has reduced the number of transactions paid through PayPal.

I have also continued my increased presence on eBay. In last month's blog post on my sales, I explained about my success in moving up to Above Standard Seller. I have now increased my transactions to 119 for the last year, keeping me in the Above Standard Seller category.

My dollar amount in sales is two-thirds of the amount needed for top-rated seller status, so I need to continue for around four more months at my current rate. Will I make it? It depends upon how much I sell and whether I can avoid low DSRs, which I cannot control. Some sellers of series books leave low DSRs for other sellers out of spite. I have managed to avoid that situation in the last couple of months, but just barely.

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