Friday, October 7, 2011

September 2011 Sales on Bonanza

I sold 80 books in 24 transactions in my Jennifer's Series Books booth on Bonanza. This is what I sold by series.

Nancy Drew - 48
Dana Girls - 12
Vicki Barr - 8
Trixie Belden - 5
Judy Bolton - 4
Kay Tracey - 3

Nancy Drew is my biggest seller with the Dana Girls in second place. Those two series are normally in first and second place.

This is what I sold by price.

up to $4.99 - 25
$5.00 to $9.99 - 39
$10.00 to $14.99 - 5
$15.00 to $19.99 - 5
$20.00 to $24.99 - 4
$29.99 - 1
$39.99 - 1

In recent months, my highest number of sales has been for books priced at $4.99 and less. This month, my highest number of sales was for books priced from $5.00 up to $9.99. As in previous months, sales are strongest for the less expensive books that are not worth selling on eBay.

Here are my sales sources.

The stats show more than 80 items since freebies are included. Additionally, I forgot to grab this data on the first of the month, so the stats shown include part of October. The stats show that many of my sales continue to come from my website and this blog. One person used the search term "Bonanzle" to come to my booth from Google. The name "Bonanzle" continues to be remembered by buyers.

I have also been selling books on eBay in an attempt to ramp up my sales volume. My initial goal was to move up from "Standard Seller" to "Above Standard Seller," which I achieved near the end of last month. I seem to have hit the right method for selling books on eBay, for the first time in three years.

Towards the end of 2008, I wrote about my eBay problems, which were caused by buyers leaving me low DSRs. One buyer left me a low DSR because she thought that Nancy Drew books and jackets always list to the same title as each other and thought I misrepresented a book. Even worse, someone buying to resell series books began to target me with low DSRs. My items were hidden in search, and I had to move to Bonanza (then Bonanzle).

Now that I have no low DSRs at all, I seem not to have the same problems in selling. I do not expect to ever go back to eBay and sell at the rate that I once did, since I enjoy low fees on Bonanza. However, I like to have the convenience of selling books fast in the auctions. eBay works as a nice back-up venue.

Since I have achieved the "Above Standard Seller" status, the next step is "Top-Rated Seller," and at my present rate, I will need around six more months to achieve that goal. I have some doubt as to whether I will be able to move up to "Top-Rated Seller" since most of my sales are on Bonanza.

In a previous post
, I explained how sellers of vintage books do not necessarily need to be top-rated in order to have sales. For that reason, I am not very concerned with whether I achieve the top-rated status. I mainly would like to do so for at least a short time just so that I can determine for myself whether the status makes any difference at all.

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