Saturday, September 17, 2011

Jennifer's Series Books on Facebook

I have a page on Facebook for Jennifer's Series Books. I created the page awhile back because everyone said that was the way to promote. I did like I was told and mentioned each time I put books up for sale. While that information is useful to people who are interested in buying from me, it is not the correct way to utilize a fan page.

I also became tired of talking to myself when I would state that I had listed some books. I would rather interact with other collectors than post dry content. The result was that I mostly abandoned the page.

I recently changed my method of approach, and I now enjoy posting on my page. I mention very little about what I am selling. I feel like most people who know about the Facebook page also know about my Jennifer's Series Books booth on Bonanza.

Much of what I mention on my Facebook page is not going to be mentioned here, so it is worth following.


Crystal Blue Attitude said...

I 'liked' your page. It looks to me like you are definitely on the right track with using Facebook as a promotional tool. Well done, Jennifer!

BuckinghamAlice said...

I didn't know you were on facebook... =) *off to stalk*